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14k Gold Initial Charms

$ 4.50

The perfect addition to any Poppy Lane & Co. bracelet; an initial charm! Made from 14K Gold-plated metal. Each charm comes with a ring - that way you can attach and detach to any bracelet* or necklace as you'd like. You can also move multiple charms (ie. a letter for each child’s or grandchild’s name) on to one bracelet or connect them with a split ring**, for easy attaching and detaching from bracelet to bracelet!

A-Z in 14k Gold-plated

*I put the charms on the clasp so you can move them around however you choose once you receive your order. If you would like multiple charms on one ring, let me know!

**You can purchase a split ring and add charms yourself!

***If you would like the charms added to a specific bracelet PERMANENTLY, please make a note at checkout with DETAILED information. Thank you!

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