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Baltic Amber Baby Bracelet - Raw Cognac
$ 19.00

Cognac - a natural brown color, lighter than dark cherry, darker than honey, lemon, and butter. The raw bead works better than polished, most say.

Baltic Amber can be used as an anti-inflammatory and teething remedy for little ones. The beads are not to be chewed on, they are designed to lay flat against the skin, to release succinic acid, which is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reducer. (We also carry our Tiny Teeth Essential Oil Rollerball to help naturally with teething pain for little ones)

Each of our Baltic Amber items are made with a twist clasp and knots between each bead for optimal safety. 

Bracelets come in three sizes (you can choose to use it as a bracelet or anklet for your little - make sure to measure:




Necklaces are 13”


What is Baltic Amber?

+ Amber is fossilized tree resin

+ BALTIC amber, in particular, is amber mined from near the Baltic Sea (Our supplier is in Lithuania)

+ Baltic amber is significantly different from other amber from other parts of the world. Baltic amber mined near the Baltic Sea contains high levels of succinic acid


What is Succinic Acid?

+ Succinic acid already naturally exists in the body in small amounts

Here is a more technical description from Wikipedia: 

In living organisms, succinic acid takes the form of an anion, succinate, which has multiple biological roles as a metabolic intermediate being converted into fumarate by the enzyme succinate dehydrogenase in complex 2 of the electron transport chain which is involved in making ATP, and as a signaling molecule reflecting the cellular metabolic state. Succinate is generated in mitochondria via the tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA), an energy-yielding process shared by all organisms.


How does Baltic Amber work?

+ Historically it is believed that when worn against the skin, the body heat causes the Baltic Amber to release an oil containing trace amounts of succinic acid

+ Theoretically, if a small amount of succinic acid is absorbed into the skin, it would tigger the body to react like you’ve taken a natural ibuprofen, reducing pain and inflammation


What can Baltic Amber help with?

+ Besides helping with pain and inflammation issues, Baltic Amber is often used for teething pain in little ones, as a natural remedy

+ Other issues treated with Baltic Amber include: headaches, arthritis, tendonitis, etc. 


How do you care for Baltic Amber?

+ Amber is brittle, avoid dropping it on hard surfaces, as it can break

+ Do not store with other jewelry, especially metal 

+ Oils, soaps, lotions, etc will reduce it’s effectiveness, please remove before mealtime and bath time

+ To clean, simply wash with warm water and a bath towel, let dry in the sun


How do I know if my Baltic Amber is real or fake?

+ We source all of our Baltic Amber directly from Lithuania

+ We receive certificates of authenticity with each shipment

+ We test every shipment using UV and spot testing with the saltwater method


Bead shapes and sizes may vary due to the natural nature of the stones and handmade creative process.

Do not wear without adult supervision. Please remove at nap time and bedtime for safety reasons.

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