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Essential Oils + Diffusing Jewelry


Baltic Amber Teething Jewelry:

Baltic Amber can be used as an anti-inflammatory and teething remedy for little ones. The beads are not to be chewed on, they are designed to lay flat against the skin, to release succinic acid, which is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reducer. 

Essential Oil Rollerballs:

All rollerballs sold are made with Doterra Essential Oils and diluted with organic fractionated coconut oil so they are perfectly safe to use on the littlest of little ones. The benefit of the rollerball is that the oils are already combined (premixed) and ready to use, convenient when traveling or on the go, and super simple to use - just rub on the bottoms of feet, back of the neck, or on an oil diffusing bracelet.

Lava Rock Oil Diffusing Bracelets:

Our diffusing bracelets are made with porous lava rock beads that diffuse oils throughout the day! Simply drop oils directly on the lava rocks and you will receive aromatic and topical benefits. When you want to switch scents/blends, wash with warm water and a mild soap. (Keep away from eyes)

Lava Stone:

-a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to mother earth

-a calming stone & dissipates anger

-promotes positive change

-enhances fertility


-relieves insomnia & reduces stress and anxiety

-balances calcium levels

-strengthens teeth and bones


-lessens and heals pain

-magnetic hematite regulates the blood flow in the body

-cures and relieves headaches and anemia

-relief from cramps, spinal problems and fractured bones