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This bead kit comes with an assortment of our very favorite Poppy Lane & Co. essential beads, enough to make 5-8 bracelets - Chinese Crystal Beads, Seed Beads, Glass Beads, Wood Beads, Pearls, and discontinued or small batch beads; AND brand new clay beads and stars to personalize your jewelry!

No two kits are alike and the possibilities are ENDLESS! Make them for yourself, friends, a teacher, a gift, etc. These make the perfect gift for a little one or an adult ready to turn on the creativity and have fun!

Kits come with enough beads for multiple items and elastic for bracelets, anklets, necklaces, and more! Plus, a how-to instruction card on how to cut, bead, and tie your creation!

*note: this is a small batch release of our most favorite discontinued or single bead/strand beads. Once the PLC Essentials Bead Kit is gone, it's gone forever. Next up, Valentine's Kits with never before released colors!!!


These directions are included in your bead box, but here as well for reference:

1. Cut the elastic string 6" longer than the size you are making.

2. String the desired beads .5" longer than your wrist size.

3. When ready to finish your bracelet, hold it in one hand with your fingers holding both strings right above the beads. 

4. Using your other hand, tie a double knot. 

5. Tighten your knot in all directions, then tie a 3rd knot to finish. 

6. Cut off remaining string - leaving only .25" left. 

7. Tuck under a neighboring bead to hide. 


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