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$ 55.00

This hanging organizer is handmade using the highest quality materials available.  It is made of select pine that has been hand crafted and finished with a beautiful gray wood stain.  This gray stain allows the beauty of the wood grain to show through.  It comes with your choice of silver or gold metal tubing that has a diameter of 1/4".   It has twelve hooks along the bottom edge to maximize organization.  The hooks are 7/8" and come in Silver, or Gold to match the metal tube.  

This organizer is extremely versatile.  It can hold bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, headbands, pacifiers, pacifier clips, etc...

Dimensions: 16" x 3.5".   This organizer has keyholes cut in the back for hanging on the wall.  If you want to avoid damaging your walls with nails you can order optional 3M Command Strips for damage free hanging.  If you select this option I will include a set of 3M Command Velcro Strips that provide a 6 lb. hanging capacity (the organizer itself weighs less than 1 lb.)  The Command Strips are such an easy way to hang these organizers. 

$ 60.00

This elegant three tier jewelry stand is handmade from all natural,  premium grade pine.  It is finished using a weathered gray stain. The stain allows the grain of the wood to show through.   It comes with your choice of silver, gold or rose gold 1/4" metal tubing.

It comes in two sizes: 

Small Base 8" x 3.5" - Tubes 6" long - Tiers 4", 7", 10"
Medium Base 10” x 3.5” -Tubes 7.5” long -  Tiers 4", 7", 10”
Large Base 12" x 3.5" - Tubes 9" long - Tiers 4", 7", 10"

This versatile organizer can hold bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, headbands, pacifiers, and pacifier clips.  .

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